Deism is a simple philosophy that teaches just two things: 1) One should base all of one’s beliefs on reason, and 2) reason leads one to conclude that God (the being or beings who purposefully created the universe) exists or at least probably exists. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It is, but it is only the beginning of an adequate personal philosophy. Using reason, compassion, and hope, I have expanded Deism to help people be as sane, good, and happy as possible. You want to know the purpose of life and how to best live it? Then The Book of Expanded Deism is for you!

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A theology is a system of beliefs about God, and perhaps every human has a theology. We need to have a theology to construct an adequate personal philosophy to deal with reality and live wisely. The better our theology, the better our personal philosophy. But what is the best theology? Judaism? Christianity? Islam? Hinduism? Atheism? Agnosticism? Something else? What Is the Best Theology?: Fourth Edition answers this question in a very user-friendly way. Spoiler Alert! The answer is Deism. Read this book to learn why.

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Many people complain about how various nations acted throughout history. Among other things, they say that nations should not have been absolute monarchies that were scientifically illiterate and un-egalitarian, enslaved foreigners, started unjust wars, and committed the genocide of indigenous people. That is easy to say. What is not easy to say is what exactly a European nation should have done from the year 1000 C.E. unto the present, and that is what Jasonia: How a Nation Could and Should Be does. This book is an entertaining and edifying alternate history of the world from the perspective of the make-believe nation of Jasonia. Jasonia did not exist, but something like it should have. Hopefully, this book will help Jasonia-like nations develop throughout the world in the near future.


I used to be a devout Christian, and, as such, I was convinced that every assertion in the Bible was somehow true. It might not be literally true, but it was at least figuratively or allegorically true. Then I came to the conclusion that the Bible is probably a very flawed book with many contradictions, factual errors, and evil moral teachings. Inside the cover of one of my Bibles, I started recording Bible verses which seemed to me obviously false and/or evil. I did this to embrace the truth and free my mind from the childish trust I had in the Bible. In other words, I wanted to completely break the spell that kept me from thinking honestly and freely. I am now sharing what I learned with others to help them think honestly and freely too. Read Bible Problems: Contradictions, Factual Errors, and Evil Moral Teachings in the Bible to educate yourself and free your mind!


I have been the Deputy Director of the World Union of Deists since 2007. As such, I have answered countless emails from around the planet. Deist Emails: Answers from a 21st Century Deist on a Variety of Subjects is basically a collection of 167 of my best answers on topics from abortion to Zionism. Practically every popular topic of philosophy, religion, politics, and economics is covered in this magnum opus.

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In most science fiction stories with genetic engineering, those doing the genetic engineering are the bad guys and those opposing them are the good guys. But what would happen if good, smart people did genetic engineering the right way? With humor, action, and drama, Journey to Perfection provides a believable answer while still taking the reader on a mind-expanding sci-fi journey.

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All these books are sold on Amazon. Just click on a book’s cover and/or title above to go to its Amazon site. Last but not least, please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or comments.


5 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hi Jason. I enjoyed reading your recent article “How I Would Begin a Debate With an Atheist.” It was nice to hear from someone else the arguments I have been making with my atheist friends for years. I usually add another dimension to those arguments, which applies game theory to the discussion. Years ago, when I was tired of trying to explain my (somewhat lengthy) thinking, I wrote a paper that I could simply put in their hands and leave at that. If you are interested in taking a look at it, let me know via my email. Carry on.

  2. Hi Burt, I am honored to have your rant on my blog site. I too live in the Bible Belt–Texas to be precise. Your story reminds me of a time that a coworker asked me, “Why aren’t you a Christian anymore?” I said, “I stopped being a Christian mainly because I stopped believing in the miracles of the Bible.” Then she said something to this effect: “That’s sad.” “Why?” I asked, and I can’t even remember her response. Good luck raising your grandson. Teach him to base his beliefs on reason, compassion, and hope, and I believe that you can’t do any better.

  3. Yes it is. Unfortunately (fortunately really) where I was ministering at there was some rabid Christians there who wanted what I had a working program for young people which was based on nature and reason, this they did not like. So instead of confronting me directly they attacked my wife & daughter. Basicly I told them to kiss my ass and walked. That was 20 years ago and am now seeing answers to my feelings and questions. Deism! Your books and others have helped me alot. Living here in South Carolina and being something other than a fundamentalist is just sacrilegious. Telling people how I believe is funny but sad, they look at me these sad eyes and say “oh you don’t believe in god any more” it gives me the giggles. So for our house Christmas is still celebrated but differently and I now have a one year old grandson living with me that I’m going to make sure he doesn’t go thru the hell I did with church christians. I will be reading to him from your books & others on the subject of deism and let him make up his on mind. Thanks for letting me rant! May reason prevail! Oh one last thing I’m a Mason too. Reverend Burton Shealey, D.D., D.M. and other bull, but please just call me Burt. Thanks

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